Sonntag, Februar 04, 2007



I know that many people do not like Brussels because it is grey and does not have the best city planning when it comes to architecture or public transport. But for me Brussels I much more about the work I do and the people I meet. The last few days ins Brussels were great; so many people here I like and I admire for the work they do – secretariat of the YFJ, Council of Europe Affairs Commission, IGLYO board, ECOSY winter university, Balkan gatherings, lot of INGYOs here – so many people to meet, discussions to have, friends to play with and so little time left after work. Brussels is always hectic for me, because I have difficulties to prioritise who to meet and what to do after leaving the office (which is a black hole to; where one can easily get lost). Yesterday, you might not believe it; the sky in Brussels was blue, which made my whole stay here even more pleasant.

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