Samstag, März 10, 2007


a lot of work

The last weeks have been very exiting and full of work. Since I attended the Commission on social development in New York. I was around 10 days in Brussels attending numerous meetings together with other bureau members, such as our network of partisan youth organisations, a seminar of the Liberal youth on the abolition of visa regimes, the European Union Affairs Commission, a coordination meeting of our members on Belarus as well as several meetings with Brussels based member organisations. The youth forum also hosted an open house day and there were a lot of preparations to be done for the bureau meeting starting on Monday in Skopje. I am mainly telling you this to justify why I did not answer you mails as fast as usual or why the sms frequency is lower then normal. It is a great feeling to work on many issues at the time, it is challenging and exiting to be at many different places and work with different groups of people and it is very rewarding to see projects taking shape. The wonderful and addictive thing about youth work is the enthusiasm and dedication of the people I work with!

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