Mittwoch, Februar 07, 2007


big apple

I arrived in New York, and found a freaky little sleeping box – African style – in the chelsea star hotel. it is tropically hot in the room, really cold outside and all a bit weird. I guess it is typically American :-). Anyhow, I am here and I hope I will manage to see something of the town – including friends.
All those of you who asked me to buy things for them – please remind me frequently what it was, as I got so many buying requests, that I never properly listed, that I will need your help!
update:tropical for my room was an understatement. and outside it is fucking cold.

please buy some marshmellows but only if we both can roast them on a cosy evening at out inexistent fireplace.

take care!
Uhm, hallo, Bettina ...
Könntest du für mich vielleicht Gertrude Stein's Buch "A Novel of Thank You" für mich kaufen, es gibt's hier nicht und ich möchte es wirklich sehr sehr gerne haben. Ich schicke dir dann das Geld- bitte bitte bitte.

Vielen Dank, wenn es ginge;)

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