Sonntag, Februar 18, 2007


chick flicks

I love chick flicks and I detest them.
I love them because I like to just enjoy a movie where I do not have to think much, where a happy end is guaranteed, where there is lots of romantic mushy stuff. But I hate them for the same reasons, I mean, real live is not always ending happily ever after and there is much less mushy stuff, at least in my life. But then again it is so easy to dream away …
When I think of it rationally, all those beautiful people, with no money issues, in those gorgeous houses on the beach or in the forest or the pent houses, with their enormous success – so not real, why the hell is it so easy to get me all emotional with them? Not that I get less emotional in non-chick-flick movies, but they are usually closer to reality. Maybe the surrounding just does not count when the emotions appear familiar. The only thing that makes me sob even more is films about friendship and about mother and daughter relationships. “Me without you”, "Beaches”, “The divine secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood” , “Fried green tomatoes” or last but not least "stepmom"
But enough about weeping.

Comments: I am dying to know who the comrades were who threw stuff at Paris Hilton in Vienna a few days ago...

did you not read the austrian newspapers ;-) the communists, who else :-)
didnt´you know, austrian communists are well organized small guerilla units just waiting for paris to stick her head out somewhere so they can throw lipstick on her :)
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