Dienstag, August 22, 2006


the wedding

As I have been telling you a lot about the wedding already, it is only fair to show you a picture of the bride and the groom. They were amazingly beautiful. The wedding day was beautifully sunny. The couple managed to convince their guest to forebear traditional customs which for sure made the celebrations much more enjoyable for the newly weds themselves. The venue was also really romantic, in the renovated castle on a rock (called mountain) in Mattsee, one could see the lake from all three window-sides of the room; so romantic that it was cheesy. The most sustaining thing for me definitely is the pain in my feet though. I think I have not been wearing high heels for the last decade, which means that my feet have been in sneakers forever. Getting used to fine, female shoes would have been difficult even for a short while, but being in them for 12 hours did not only cause severe pain and blisters, no, it even resulted in sore muscles in my legs. I can tell you, that I do not feel to urge to wear high heels any time soon again, though they are very useful for making me seem significantly taller.

do we not get to see pictures of the bridesmaids then?

sorry i didnt phone u btw!

b x
c'mon! we want photos of you in THOSE heels!!
I hereby formally apologies! But I did not take pictures of myself or of my heels. The only thing I got from the bride before she left for her 3 weeks honeymoon was this picture. If I ever get a pic of me and the heels – promised, I will publish it here. But this will not be before she is back from honeymoon.
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