Freitag, August 11, 2006


new words

Minging, Shandy, dressing gown and jaw seem to be my new words for this week!
Now I am off to brussels for the steering group meeting of the Council of Europe Affaires commission. I am actually looking foreward to be in Brussels, kind of like it in summer!

Well, Bettina, hope this won't disappoint you but we're having a very typical belgian summer at the moment in Brussels...

With a little bit of luck what you meant was "there's nothing I enjoy more than a good jaw in my dressing gawn under the rain in Brussels" ;D

No one told me that it is raining in Bruxelles when I departed. I have the wrong shoes and cloths with me and i do not think that this is funny.
To tell someone it's raining in Brussels is a bit redundant info, don’t you think?

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