Samstag, Juli 29, 2006


plastic plates

After almost a week in Vienna I am off to camping again, this time for real. I was just trying to find out if I have anywhere a plastic or metal cup, bowl and plate… And I can tell you, it is not the case! And I am very reluctant to take rainproof clothing - I mean let’s be honest, why should it suddenly start raining when whole Europe is in a dry season.
But then again, looking at the weather forecast for Maidstone, it seems to have 22°C only the next 5 days. I am not a good camper; I should not have done this…

Yes you should have done it, and you did, loving it I hope!! Even when I saw you in brief passing, which is in most instances, you really brightened up my while. I miss so many people, I wish I could have socialised with people more - roll on winterschule!! x
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