Samstag, August 12, 2006


getting up really sucks

Rain is a form of precipitation, other forms of which include snow, sleet, hail, and dew. Rain forms when separate drops of water fall to the Earth's surface from clouds. Not all rain reaches the surface, however; some evaporates while falling through dry air. When none of it reaches the ground, it is called virga, a phenomenon often seen in hot, dry desert regions. The scientific explanation of how rain forms and falls is called the Bergeron process.
New word: welding

I'm pretty sure in Brussels ALL of it gets to the surface...

Actually, I think the city has it's own clouds storage.

I picture Brussels like a ballon seller, holding strongly to its ballons, proudly. So proudly that he hesitates to even sell them and if he does, quickly fills another.

The difference is that Brussels' ballons are clouds...

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