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guided tour

Facts about Finland – original quotes from Rippsuu – a travel guide that made my life fun during a bus ride from Hyvinkää to Helsinki.
“Finland has many trees. Most of them are birch trees. Birch trees have many leaves, unfortunately they have no leaves in winter.” “Finland has 4 season, March, April and May are spring, June, July and August are summer, September, October and November are autumn, and in December, January and February we have snow” “in Finland drivers licenses are very expensive. But a course on how to drive on ice is included” “in Helsinki a beer costs 5 euro, this is 30
Fin-Mark, because one Euro is 6 Fin-Mark. If you want to bring your coat to the cloak room it is 2 Euros, this is 12 Fin-Mark” “In Finland we sometimes invite guests. We also prepare our guests dinner”
This and many other surprising facts such as “this is the railway station, if you want to take the train you need to go to the railway station” or “this is the opera house, we use the opera house for showing operas” is what I have learned about the country. If you are interested in a little crash course on Finland, just let me know, might come handy to know those facts now, during the presidency!!!

Finland seems to be a very interesting country! :)
Hi dear! Have you left Finland already? Will you be in Alicante next week? I will be leading the Finnish delegation together with Henkka. I am expecting very hot and interesting IUSY festival! Hope to see you soon,
Finland is fab and Ripsu rocks!
As Bettina's companion for the guided tour, I must second her on this one. It was hilarious. I have told the story to dozens already and the reactions range from being ashamed (usually Finns) to bursting into laughter and totally loving it.
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