Sonntag, Juni 11, 2006



Trakai is a town and lake resort in Lithuania, a part of Trakai National Park territory and an administrative centre of the region. The town is located 28 km west of Vilnius and there are 200 lakes in the region. The town as well as its surroundings started developing in the XIII century as a state centre. Trakai is a town built on water. The town is surrounded by Lukos (Bernardinų), Totoriškių, Galvės, Akmenos, Gilušio lakes. Renaldas took the bureau there on Saturday night, so we had a midnight walk around the castle and some of us went shipping on the lake during the full moon night on a rowing boat. It was simply beautiful and very romantic!

"Some of us went shipping..." - but you didn't go with us on the boat, so how do you know it was so romantic? But it was! But we were missing you hon:)
the whole scenery was romanitc, with the young people playing guitarre and singing, the full moon that was mirrowed on the slightly turbulent surface of the lake, the stars on the dark blue sky... the walk i had around the castle.
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