Montag, Juni 26, 2006


look whos blooming

This blog entry is to honour Tom. He told me his childhood myth this weekend. They are excellent and deserve to be published!
First he was convinced that peacocks are chickens in bloom, which I find very similar to my believe that daisies are children of marguerites, but even slightly more hilarious. A blooming chicken!
The second one is about food. He was convinced that his stomach is organised in different push loading drawers. So for food that he really likes he imagined big drawers, for food he likes less there were smaller drawers. Logically, there could not be a drawer for everything, so he imagined that is simply due to the missing drawer that he really dislikes some kinds of food, and as there is no drawer for this food he obviously can and should not eat what he dislikes!
I really love that one. I am sure this way I could have convinced my gran that I do not have to eat the pole beans!

I do feel honored by having some of my childhood myths published on your blog.

To all readers: Please note, I really was very very young when I thought out these theories, probably something in the range of my mental age now so practically a baby still.

Bonus: My sister was convinced that the pumpkins growing in our garden where cheeses. (Think of nice round yellow Dutch cheese here)
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