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reality bites

I fall in love easily. But it has reached a point where it is simply ridiculous. I got the first season of a TV series on DVD from a friend on Saturday; a late Christmas present. Thank you again my love! So I watched the how for 5 episodes now. And I am in love with one of the main characters. I really think the person during the day, such as - how would it be to talk to each other – or - how would the reaction be if.
Maybe I need to spend less time dreaming and more time doing…
For all German speakers I can recommend a wonderful podcast about the world of TV

I always fall for actors .. right now I can't tell whether I'm more into Michael Vartan or that gorgeous whats-his-name guy from Without a trace. They're just too beautiful to be true! :))
thank you for making me feel less ridiculous!
come on bettina! which tv series - only the title, i will guess the character, please!

I really like Antonio LaPaglia the old gorgeous guy from without a trace...well, now i can't work anymore...thanks ;-)
To add some pretty embarassing data: (in a chronological order) I was in love with: Mr. Spock, Fox Mulder and Michael Vaughn. And I had a crush on Tristan from Gilmore Girls. Tristan FOR GODS SAKE.

Antonio LaPaglia seems a very sane desicion compared with those part freaky/part conventional guys.
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