Mittwoch, November 09, 2005


my desk

From 11 o’ clock this morning till now - almost 7 pm I did nothing else but try to organise and clean my desk. I tried to find all my invoices and receipts that are due for reimbursement of the forum; I divided my huge paper piles in papers for the recycling pin and papers for further use. I made piles of documents that I am supposed to give to others, piles of papers that I have to further work on and - I filled in my reimbursement formats.
I hate reimbursements. I know this is boring for you, but I had to share it with the world. 2 hours for this f…. reimbursement formats.
And now, when entering my room, one can identify Fakturist again, my beautiful birch desk from ikea!

It never feels fair: first you lend money because you are doing something for your organisation, then you are also responsible for keeping the receipts safely, then you have to fill in ten different papers, then you have to wait weeks before you actually get back the money....

And about the desk problem: I tried to solve this by having a bigger desk... but believe me: that doesn't help you neither :)
I agree with the previous comment - reimbursement sux and bigger desks only mean more clutter, not less :)
have you got the directions for putting together the fakturist? I came into one with no screws/bolts/whatever, and no instructions. I had one of these a long time ago, and long for it again. Might you be able to help me?
have you got all the part numbers for fakturist desk please? I have lost the screws to put it together and IKEA can't help without the instruction book ?
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