Mittwoch, November 23, 2005


misty moods

My first time in the UK was in 1994, in
  • Minehead
  • , Summerset for a language course of 3 weeks. It was a really nice holiday, basically my first one. Lately these 3 weeks come back into my memory more and more often. I still have a shirt that I am wearing from that summer, that I bought at a market there. I just broke one of my earring creoles that I bought in Minehead.
    I also brought my mum a present from England, a picture with a foggy landscape titled “misty moods”.
    I have just discovered Irish singer-songwriter
  • Sinéad Lohan

  • , when I listen to her songs, I get melancholic and ruminative. I imagine all this misty landscapes, I can see the Irish west cost cliffs very clearly in front of me, I can see myself walking in green meadows with this stone walls and the sheep (no s even in plural!), that have those funny colours sprayed on their asses.
    But mainly Sinéad Lohan brings me back to the comfort and safety of my mum’s living room where the “misty mood” picture is still hanging around.
    So if you get in a contemplative mood towards the end of the year I can only recommend you to listen a bit to Sinéad Lohan and make your imaginative trip to Ireland!

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