Sonntag, November 06, 2005


gender bender

I have been at my first drag king show ever. It was simply fabulous! Women performing as kings, kings dressing as queens, boy bands, funky housewives – just splendid entertainment! Was also really interesting to chat with the
  • Kingz of Berlin
  • afterwards. One quote of a related web site “Ich bin eine wunderschöne Königin, gefangen im Körper eines schwulen Mannes, der in einer lesbischen Studentin steckt.“ or in English “I am a beautiful queen, captured in the body of a gay man who is in a lesbian student”
    I learned words such as bioqueen and double drag and it all makes sense to me all of a sudden!

    The whole show was because of the first European TransX congress in Vienna theses days and the 10 years anniversary of Trans-X the Viennese trans association.

    But back to the show - If they ever come near you – the kings of Berlin – watch them!!!!

    The world is queer tonight, more then I imagined so far!

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