Dienstag, September 13, 2005


state secretary

I had a visit of the states secretary of Macedonia yesterday. He was here for an OECD meeting and we spent the evening together. We know each other for a good year now and really like each other. The last 3 or 4 times we met we were both to busy to really talk with each other. So this evening was really nice and good to see that we still have things to talk about. We made a long, long walk trough the city and enjoyed Vienna by night! Something I can only recommend to every one who has not done this in a while. Mister State Secretary met someone else before we met – Mateja! She moved to Vienna last fall and I have only seen her twice since! Shame on me! But I guess before I meet Mateja again, I try to meet Sigi and Marion first! Who I have not seen in ages!

Sigi says yes to this intention! miss you, schatz, but I know you are a busy girl. XXX sigi
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