Montag, September 12, 2005


pizza napolitana

I have been in Italy for 3 days now. To be precise in Castellammare di stabia. A beautiful place close to Napoli. So I was rally looking forward to get some real Pizza – from the region where it was invented. But I can tell you I did not leave the hotel till I was heading back to the airport bus! So- no Pizza for me. Plus I had some really exiting time with Alitalia. Wounderful airline! We had a delay of more then an hour and one of the passengers, who had a 2 year old child with him and a connection to catch, asks the steward when we will finally get to go out of the plane – as no bus was coming, and if he (the steward) could do anything to make sure the bus comes any minute. Guess what this one hell of a steward said to the passenger? He said “I want to go home too, I’m late for dinner already!” Long live Alitalia!

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