Montag, Dezember 17, 2007


friends weekend

The only things I did during this weekend were cooking, baking, eating, drinking, talking, talking, and talking (and actually also quit a bit of sleeping). I had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends, to invite them to my newly cleaned home, to be a good host. It was really refreshing, it was simply - splendid.

Friends increase the joy of life and even when I feel lonely a thought of them makes me feel safe. Friends are important to reduce my stress and therefore improve my health. When I am with good friends I feel good about myself, and I am glad to be with them, I watch myself and smile. Liking, trusting and respecting each other is mutual, even if we do not always understand each other, we always accept one another, be fond of one another, even as we all grow and change (well, no worries, we will always remain childish, we might not be as cool as we would like to see each other, but … well… who cares about coolness, and sure S., you are still by far the coolest, no doubt)

Friends give the space and support to change, grow, make decisions, and even make mistakes, friends listens to you and share with you, both the good times and the bad times, friends are not judgemental even if they like to tease (at this point it is important to note that I never ever stole any towels).

Friends have often helped me to go beyond me self-defined limitations and showed me the way to be and do more than I ever thought I could and they allowed me to do the same for them.

My End-of-the-year-melancholy is getting stronger and stronger but it makes me embrace and cherish all the exiting things I am allowed to go through, makes me feel how much love and care is around me and makes me look forward to spend more time with the people I love! Some of them are only now coming home from their work and education places abroad and I am all exited to see them soon again!

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