Montag, Oktober 15, 2007


broken promises

October 17 is the International Day to Overcome Poverty. Millions of people will stand up and demand that our Governments shall fulfill their promises and end poverty. We will not accept any more broken promises.
The European Youth Forum (YFJ) and our Member Organisations will keep monitoring what European Governments and institutions do and don’t do in the fight against poverty and hunger. That is our promise and our responsibility.
No time to wait
However – achieving the goals is not a Governmental responsibility only. The European Youth Forum is an umbrella for National Youth Councils and international Youth Organisations in Europe – and we know that we cannot sit down and wait for the Governments to take action.
Time-wise we are half-way in our fight to reach the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. But in reality we are far from achieving the goals, and especially Africa is lacking behind. While the European Governments are not even able to fulfill their own goal of allocating 0,7% of their budget to official development assistance (ODA) we are today able and proud to support schools in Africa with school books, school meals and other tools to ensure that girls and boys can go to school, learn and feel safe.
1 % possible

Through our 1 % Solidarity Fund we will keep supporting Youth Organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. This is our most important contribution to development cooperation. At the same time it demonstrates for our Governments that spending 1% of the total annual budget on development cooperation is in fact possible.
On October 17 we challenge European leaders to show their commitment and to up-scale ODA for the 2008 budgets. We will not take any more broken promises. We also encourage organizations, schools and companies in your country and all over Europe to actively engage in development cooperation and to allocate funding for concrete development projects.

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