Donnerstag, Oktober 18, 2007



I was in Kyiv last week. I have to admit I was surprised and did not expect such a beautiful city. It was an amazing mix between nostalgic Stalin Baroque and misty moods narrow cobblestone streets full with arts and craft – both, folkloristic and modern, of Russian and Ukraine orthodox churches and of global fast food chains. I have to admit orthodox churches fascinate me the most; they are so colourful, lots of towers with onion domes and spires. I had a lot of luck because of my good hosts and because of the melancholy of the autumn days in the wide alleys of the town. I will definitely go back there and see more of the country. I am very dedicated to see Lviv and Odessa very soon, and we all know, Odessa is just around the corner to Bucharest.

Greetings from Odessa airport. Unfortunately I did not manage to see anything from the city - was locked in a training resort for five days. So I have to believe you and should return..
if you ever in Odessa. Let me know. I have some good contacts there... :)
As I am just around the corner - in Bucharest - I might go there, Renaldas. Share the secrets!
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