Mittwoch, Dezember 12, 2007


almost over now

The year is almost over and I have seen the most amazing things, I have experienced the most rewarding moments, have had fun and laughter, I was afraid and scared, I felt so much love and often the pleasures of success. It was indeed a great year that made me see many people and places I have not seen before, I have the luck to go to Asia – both Korea and China, I was able to be the first time in my life in Macedonia, I took part in a conference in Sharm el sheikh and did some snorkelling, I have seen wonderful nostalgia in the Ukraine. I learned ever more who are my true friends, I found new friends. One full year as the president of the European Youth Forum, humble but proud. Now I am tired. I have to admit all I want at the moment is that the rain in Vienna stops, that it starts to snow and that my own personal Christmas peace is starting. Yes, see this as an outing, I am a declared Christmas fan. I love spending the time with my family, I love snow at the Austrian country side (it does not make much sense in Vienna though), I love finally spending some time with friends, cooking, baking, writing letters to loved ones, reading books, hearing the ever same Christmas songs (and indeed, last Christmas I got my heart broken, lets see if this year I will give it to someone special). One of my new years resolutions is already clear now, I will try to be much more frequent and up to date with the blog again! Thank you for the wonderful and intense year.

Nice Seeing you back :D

Merry X-mas from Portugal

Pedro Henrique Aparício
It seems like you don't really keep up to date with your blog, but i do hope you found someone special to give your heart to. Someone who won't act like an immature idiot, and who will accept it humbly with open arms like you deserve. x
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