Samstag, September 29, 2007



Currently I am at the joint commissions meeting in Limassol. It is one of the biggest youth forum meetings each year and it is really nice to be hosted by friends. Our member in Cyprus, the Cypriot youth council – do really everything to assure a pleasant stay, from choosing good facilities for the meeting, to introducing us to Cypriot culture with food, drinks and dances.
In addition it feels good to spend a weekend with so many Youth Forum activists, the laughing about Jaakkos imitation of British colonialists, AM trying to tell a story but MC never letting her finish, Sven making the best Jaakko parody I have ever seen, JB taking 33 hours of travel to get here. The best of all, is though, that all our discussions, our laughs and our plans for the future work are made under the Cypriot sun!

totally agree..:-)
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