Dienstag, September 25, 2007


ode to brussels

Most of the people feel pity for me when I have to go to Brussels, because everyone assumes that Brussels is not likable. I myself did not really like it for a long time. But by now Brussels is associated for me with friends and nice places and exiting work. When I am in Brussels I always have the feeling the day is much longer then else where, the amount of meetings a pack in a day, the amount of people that I meet in offices, in the streets or in Bars is huge and I never have enough time for my friends (general strand of my life, also in Austria).
And Brussels is young and has a young nightlife and is full of youth or young culture. I like the area around Place St. Géry and I like café Belga. And this weekend, Brussels was even sunny, and people living in Brussels are so grateful about the weather once it is sunny that they are all happy and nice, well, almost all – this definitely does not count for taxi drivers (but this is another story all together).

well, i have to admit, sun makes this town bearable.. and i can totally understand why you like it.. but on the other hand livin here means waitin friends to have time beside meetings, friends from other places to stop by and most of time one wishes to be alone at home, as all the socializing at work and so one, is just too exhausting.
but sunny weekends on bikes are fabulous..:-)
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