Donnerstag, September 13, 2007


social pressure

I have been in Coma-Ruga for the last couple of days. We had the annual YFJ Press and Communications officers meeting there. I missed the one and only ufficia stampa, but other then that it was a surprisingly good meeting and we all welcomed A. The downside is that we discussed mainly communication technologies and different tools like wiki, blog, pod cast- you name them – and how they can be used for youth organisations; so now I feel almost obliged to enter much more regularly updates on this blog. Lets see if the people will all actively contribute to our new Coma-Ruga facebook group and start blogging now. In my defence for the absence in the last month – I spent so much time on facebook (I hereby admit that it still is my favourite waist of time) – that I did not take the time for blogging. Today I am in Madrid and meeting friends for an evening – and that is good.

Hey! Very impressive blog update! But, who the hell is A.?

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