Sonntag, Jänner 21, 2007


hope & dance

Hope is evil. Hope creates expectations and makes you disappointed, when things come different. Hope make you cling on things that you should let go already for long. Hope makes me believe in the good in people and makes me crestfallen when they are not so nice after all. You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.
Hope is indispensable – because it keeps everyone going and then there is no need to cry because it's over, but many smiles because it happened.
Dancing is joy. Last time I really danced was in July in Alikante (borke my toe there). Waiting so long for the next real dancing session was a very stupid mistake. I should dance much more often. Already the first healthy weekend this month in Helsinki I remembered it and it was absolutely fabulous (not mentioning the strange courtship rituals of Finns). Having a nice party after done work, like yesterday in Brussels gives me so much energy; it is a really sustainable mood booster. I should never forget that again.
Dancing is indispensable for my wellbeing! (but I should not do it with heels, my feet ache!)

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