Montag, Juli 30, 2007


feeling familiar

Being at familiar places can trigger many feelings. It can make me feel at home and save, this is the best option, but during the weekend – coming to Mattsee for an entire month, I experienced many faces of familiar.
Going to the local open-air bath is familiar and I felt old and tall. Last Millennium, when I used to go there more regularly, it seemed all so huge. When I went from one side to the other with my friends it needed a deliberate decision and felt like a hike, and now, it is just so tiny.
Going to a local restaurant is familiar and I felt paranoid. I had the feeling I know every single person in the restaurant. Not only that, I also was shocked by how old the babies I used to know are. There was this baby girl that attended kindergarten with my brother and she was serving us now, but in my memory she is supposed to go to primary school now. I could have calculated better, I admit, and knowing that my brother is 19, it was kind of logic that she is older then 15 as well.
Going around the usual Sunday walkways made me feel huge, I all to well remember the torturous and tremendous long Sunday afternoon walks with my family. They used to last for hours. But now I can do it in 20 min, really amazing how the mountains did shrink.
Everything did shrink, also the ice-cream cone sizes in my favourite ice shop are now ridiculously small and if I calculate it back to Schilling, I anyway have to start crying.

i know this feeling from going home as well. everything has turned small, people are so different. some things are the same and make one happy, but when friends ask you out and name a place, you have to ask what was it called last year..
but at least my family is always the same, my home not, cause mom builds there constantly, but family, the people. and thats the most important.
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