Samstag, Dezember 16, 2006


cause its christmas time

Ok- here is my confession. I LOOOOOOVE Christmas. I am well aware of the fact that Christmas songs 24/7 are a bit annoying, but I know their lyrics, their melodies and can any time sing along, which is kinda cheerful. I like buying presents for people that I care about. Most of all I like spending time with people I care about; and by the end of the year I always take time for my family, that most of them make excellent cookies is indeed an additional motivation. The good thing about my family at Christmas is, usually they are spread all over the country, but for Christmas we all meet at my Grannies. This means it is way less complicated to manage to see them all. But also now, I am a few days in Vienna and catching up with friends, talking things over, going to Christmas markets, drinking plenty of mulled wine, having fun and party but also time for myself. Just sorting things in my life and calming down a bit. Surely there are always people who I would like to have with me and spend time with but I do not manage. That is partly the theme of my life, it happens less during Christmas, but it does. There are people who I miss. Most important and despite everything - I love Christmas time, I really do.

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