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I am finally after a long long journey in Medellin, Columbia. Traveling today is not so nice, because one is not really seen as a Human being, not to talk about treated like a paying customer, no, every one of us is mainly an alleged terrorist. This makes traveling much less fun then it anyways ever was. So after traveling 23 hours, spending half of the time in planes and the other one in queues for security, passport and customs checks, I finally arrived with the boys in Medellin.
Medellin is Colombias’s second largest city with approximately 3 million inhabitants. It is nestled in the Aburrá valley, between two Andean mountain ranges. So we drove down in the dark, from one of these mountains seeing the whole town with all its lights shining below us. So my first impression of Medellin was very impressive. The city is called the place of eternal spring, because it has a very mild climate and everything is very green here. Medellin is also know for “el Metro” the only subway system in Columbia, its stunning mountain views and the warmth of its population of “paisas”.
Thanks to the eternal spring here I just had the best breakfast that I can possibly imagine. Those of you who traveled or stayed with me somewhere the last years must be painfully aware how much my mood depends on breakfast. If someone wants to sell me a dry facial peeling mask as bread, they not see me smile (staying often in France, where they have no breakfast culture what so ever, no choices of bread and basically eat chocolate on cotton wool made me often grumpy) . So the quality of a breakfast depends on a number of things, number of different bread types, number of ways that you can have your egg prepared, variety of cereals and fresh fruit. And the 2nd of December 2006 will go into my diary as the day where I had the best fresh pineapples ever in my life! Thank you eternal spring of Medellin.

Uber, I enjoyed reading your review of Medellin. I am planning to visit Medellin next year. Is it safe for Americans to visit? Is there any anti-American animosity? Thanks.
I did not find obvious anti.american animosity. but i have not been there with any americans, so it would be difficult for me to tell.
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