Dienstag, November 21, 2006



This is a tribute to the boys. The boys I spent my Sunday night with. We started off with really bad M-TV dating shows, climbed via you tube into the olymp of David Hasselhoffs pop songs and then…. There we were… the mood, the late night, the sugar overdose. We were singing along Disney musicals. “Mary Poppins” (my personal favourite), “Sound of Music” (yes, I have a faible for Julie Andrews). We also did “Pete’s Dragon”, “Bedknobs and broomsticks”, “Chitty chitty bang bang” (Dick Van Dyke might be my true early childhood love!) and ended up with the “little shop of horrors”… to quote Vallie Frankie “Oh, what a night. Why'd it take so long to see the light? Seemed so wrong, but now it seems so right.“

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