Dienstag, November 21, 2006


lessons to learn

I learned about housing projects with elective affinity, that make sure older people do not get lonely and single parents have the chance to have good family-like care of their kids - but voluntarily. Back to the commune!
I was reminded of the different sleeping rhythms of parents and kids. When the kids are young they get up at 6am when every person on the whole wired world still wants to sleep. But parents do not forget these days, once their children are teens or even older, they take revenge and wake them up every morning – to go to school or on weekends to have family breakfast! Evil.
I was explained that divorce is probably more difficult for a child then not having a second parent from the beginning on. Nothing there to miss.
I thought of how spoiled I was by not having a sibling for the first 9 years of my life.
I also found out that my tether is getting stronger and longer and I am not so quickly at its end, especially compared with mothers’… oi … scary, some stressed mums’.
I learned how to watch TV to get smarter (-which just confirmed that me watching sesame street, 1-2 oder 3, Löwenzahn and Sendung mit der Maus was really usefull)
I discovered that the up-to-date pet is the praying mantis.
And in the end I was introduced to a research on hungry man finding chubby women more attractive then man who have had enough food.
All in all I can say I had a really salutary weekend!

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