Freitag, Oktober 13, 2006


celebrate world egg day

Friday 13th October celebrates myths and superstition, but luckily for egg lovers across the globe, it will also be about breaking down these beliefs and celebrating the taste and convenience of eggs on World Egg Day.
Whether painting them with the kids, eating soft-boiled googy eggs or running races with them balanced on a spoon – celebrate the egg.
As a convenient, versatile and nutritious food, eggs have formed an integral part of many cuisines across the globe.
The American celebration of Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November each year. Christmas is December 25 and New Year’s Eve is December 31. The date of Hanukkah changes each year but is usually around Thanksgiving and Christmastime. All these times are happy occasions when families and friends celebrate together. And, when families celebrate, eggs are often part of the fun.

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